Rules of entry for NPPA 2024:

1. Entries open Monday, 25th of March and close Friday, 3th of May. Any submissions after this date will not be accepted.

2. Cost per entry for 2024: €595 each (Price excludes VAT of 23%). Purchase the NPPA research report for €1750, or avail of our early-bird discount and buy the research report before the NPPA award ceremony for only €1250 by checking the relevant box when entering your product.

3. The organisers reserve the right to change the categories if there are too many or too few entries submitted into a particular category. If you require assistance picking the correct category, please contact us for advice by sending an email to

4. The winners will be determined based on the results of the research process executed by Core Research and are final. No correspondence regarding the results will be entered into.

5. Unlimited entries for brands.

6. The online registration form is an electronic contract. You will not receive a paper document to sign through regular email. Clicking ‘Submit’ on the electronic form will serve as a signature.

7. All information that is provided by brands in the entry form will be published on as is. DMG will not take responsibility for any incorrect information that was provided in the entry form and subsequently published on the website.

8. Once a product is submitted, the company is committed to the full process and payment of applicable fees, and the product cannot be withdrawn. Entry fees will not be refunded.

9.DMG has the right to refuse any product submission.

10. Any pack photo submitted as part of an entry may be used by DMG for marketing purposes.

11. Please ensure all sections of the application form, including a high res quality image (between 1MB and 5MB and .jpeg or .png format), product description, stockist details and RRP are complete and correct. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

12. DMG and Core Research accepts no responsibility for any information entered in the application. All spelling of product names, prices, descriptions and stockist details are the full responsibility of the entrant’s. What is entered during the application, is what will be used during the NPPA testing as well as the award ceremony.

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