The NPPA is an independently tested award system in collaboration with Core Research, who are leading experts in building brand value through analysis, insight and understanding the world around us.

How we conduct our research:
The National Parenting Product Awards (NPPA) research is conducted in collaboration with Core Research on behalf of DMG Media, owners of parenting community everymum.
The National Parenting Awards are Ireland’s only independently tested award system celebrating the best in parenting and baby products, and 2024 marks the 11th year of the awards.

With over 200,000 registered and engaged mums in our everymum community the 2024 NPPA survey will be carried out by mums and experts all over Ireland online, modifying the process and giving more and more mums the opportunity to participate. In turn this enhances brand participation, trust and endorsement for those who win. (edited)
How it works:
  • Parents are invited by DMG Media to take part in the online evaluation via the everymum community. To qualify they must have a child under 3 years of age.
  • Your brand will be evaluated by both mums and experts.
  • 55 categories for 2024.
  • Research questions are customised by category and also include testing against a set of criteria including quality, functionality, safety, value for money and likelihood to recommend.
  • This massive survey is managed and conducted by Core Research the international research company with a statistically reliable national sample of parents.
  • Brands should ensure the product sheets provided are entirely focussed on communicating the key benefits of their products.
  • Once these mums have been selected they are asked about what product categories they have used or currently use. If they are familiar with brands or have used products that are in that category they will be invited to assess them based on having current or prior usage. They are routed to assess these categories at random and the order of testing is strictly controlled and managed by Core Research, DMG’s research partner.

Online National Research – Everyday Effectiveness:

Parents take part in an online survey and are screened for eligibility and usage within the category, and are then served at random a selected category. They are then asked to rate up to five different randomised products within the category. Participants are shown a product image and detailed description of each product including size, price details, plus where the product is available to purchase.


We are proud of our panel of industry experts who test every single product entered to give their professional opinion and rating. This data is then added to the consumer feedback to generate the overall Gold, Silver and Bronze winner in each category.
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